Hi! I am a 32 year old cyclist from Delray Beach, Florida! I particularly love mountain biking for its challenging obstacles, beautiful scenery, and friendly people.

I got into cycling when my friends took me on a mountain bike trail with a rented bike. I didn’t make it up any of the big hills my first time, but I knew with a little practice that I could overcome all the various features. I instantly fell in love with the sport and became obsessed with improving. I joined up with local riders who taught me the skills to be more efficient on obstacles and around corners. I also found a community of amazing people who were so friendly and welcoming that I now can find a friend almost anywhere I ride. A friend suggested I tried racing, so I signed up for my first local race, and I won. I was hooked!

To make up for the lack of elevation, Florida trails are very technical with back-to-back man-made features such as bridges, stairs, and log-overs. I think practicing on this unique terrain has given me the edge to be extremely efficient in the trails and technical sections. My road background gives me a power and endurance advantage over my competition.

Over the last seven years, I grew into competitive mountain biking, got fitter and improved my handling skills. I progressed from winning the Florida State Series Championship in Cat 3, to Cat 2, to Cat 1. After winning the highest category offered in the state, I decided to switch gears and try road racing. I also won multiple Florida State Championships in crit, TT, and road races. In 2021, I got to part of a Pro Gravel Team, and was an athlete in the Snowshoe MTB World Cup! I am now fully back into cross-country mountain biking and currently leading the 2021 Florida State Championship series.

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